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Professional beauty, guinot mauritiusGuinot beauty salons: benchmark salons where women entrust their beauty to qualified beauty therapists.

Today, two types of beauty services are provided: hair salons and beauty salons.

While 90% of women go to their hairdresser regularly, only 10% of women put their faces or their bodies in the care of their beauty therapist.

The reasons given: lack of time, an unnecessary luxury, same results can be obtained at home, etc.

However, care provided in a beauty salon remains the quickest way to escape from your daily life and to fulfil beauty goals, whether it be for hair removal, body care, or face care.

Your beauty therapist will welcome you, give you an overview of her beauty salon, and will begin your treatment with a customised consultation, in order for her to choose a treatment which is suitable to your skin and your beauty goals.


guinot mauritis treatment roomFor GUINOT, a salon is a professional beauty care establishment in which women can achieve their beauty aims with the advice from their beauty therapist.

Your beauty therapist will begin each treatment session with an in-depth customised consultation which will enable her to determine your skin type and thus to select the appropriate treatment method in order to obtain the best beauty result.

Your beauty therapist performs exclusive treatments for immediate beauty results:

for the skin

"Instant Facelift" Effect Treatment
for the face

Youthful Firmness Treatment
for the face
"Double Peel" Treatment
for the skin

Essential Oils
for the skin


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hydradermie lift small

liftosome small

beaute neuve small

aromatic small


The treatment which makes
you look slimmer, firmer and beautiful!
The treatment for
"better and quicker slimming effect"


 TECHNISPA DOUBLE Slimming Treatment

aromatic corps front small

hair removal small