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Treatment with Essential Oils

Beauty Treatment with Essential Oils

You will feel incredibly relaxed and skin will regain its tone, radiance and suppleness.

The treatment ends with a plant extracts mask, from which your face will emerge more toned and radiant.

Essence oils diffuse their precious active ingredients, which are beneficial in terms of regenerating and firming the skin.

A mask with plant concentrates completes the treatment, restoring radiance and tranquillity.

At the end of the treatment your skin is firmer and more luminous, as if regenerated.  Your face appears healthy and well rested.

Digital pressure movements relax the face and release tension with every exhaled breath. 

The essential oils, specially prescribed for skin which lacks firmness, diffuse into the skin, whilst the soothing aromatic scent relaxes. 

- The Aromatic Mask is mixed by your beauty therapist who will have selected concentrates of plants recognised for their ability to enhance radiance and calm the skin.

Aromatic Vitality Treatment is recommended for skin which lacks firmness.

Your beauty therapist will recommend products in line with your youth goal and the condition of your skin, to prolong the beneficial effects of the treatment.

55 minutes