Hydradermie Treatment

Personalised Treatment By Skin Type

Treatment's goals
A viable alternative to cosmetic surgery, Hydradermie is a treatment that visibly rejuvenates the skin by restoring the cellular energy of more youthful skin.

Before the treatment, your Beauty Therapist will carry out a consultation to define your beauty objectives and personalise your treatment. There are 7 types of treatments depending on your skin type:

Dehydrated Dry Mature Sensitive Oily Dark Spots Prepration for sun exposure

60 MIN

Treatment type
Personalised Rejuvenating Treatment
Skin type
Dehydrated skin, Dry skin, Mature skin, Sensitive skin, Oily skin, Brown spots, Skin to prepare for the sun
Suggested price
85€ to 95€



more moisture


more moisture

*After 1 treatment with Sérum Gel Hydratation (measurements: Corneometer).
**After 1 treatment with Sérum Gel Anti-Rides (measurements taken using a camera and specific software).
Panel of 3 test subjects.

At any age, women are concerned about the Beauty and Youthfulness of their skin.

A real alternative to aesthetic medicine, Hydradermie stimulates cellular energy, for spectacularly rejuvenated and embellished skin.


Techniques with The Hydraderm Machine

Your beautician will choose the Hydradermie skincare products according to your beauty goals and your skin type after the consultation.

Dynamic Ionisation

This exclusive, patented method transmits energy to skin cells, ensuring quick and effective distribution of active ingredients.

Oxygenation by Thermal Effect

Helps stimulate cell activity and restore radiance to skin by boosting microcirculation.

Relaxing Massage and serum

Relaxes the facial features and improves microcirculation. The skin appears radiant once again.

Key ingredients

Cell living environments
The Sérum Gel Anti-Rides contains cell living environments (includes vitamins, amino acids and trace elements), which regenerate the skin.

Biopeptides help reinforce elastic tissue and trace elements, to revive vital functions.

Guinot care device

Care Device


Patented care device exclusively at Guinot.