Double Palpate and Roll

The alternative to liposuction

Want to fit back into your favorite little dress? Would one size down make you feel more confident? Or is it the fear of the bikini that drives you for the summer that is fast approaching? Guinot has thought of all women, all desires, all types of silhouettes! This is your opportunity to (re)discover the famous TechniSPA® device, a true ally of your slimming objectives. Available in several effective Anti-Cellulite Treatments that address specific issues to promote inch loss, firmness gain and visible reduction of stubborn cellulite, TechniSPA® will allow you to work in depth on the areas you want. Depending on your needs, your beautician will be able to advise you on a customized program, adapted to your beauty objectives : a quick, intensive or in-depth Slimming Cure.